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Mobile Advertising Gets Busy

Today, Waterfall Mobile, is debuting its MSGME mobile marketing service. It is a mobile messaging platform that gives content owners the ability to add mobile interactivity to their current marketing - online, print, broadcast, or in-venue. It utilizes an easy-to-use web interface to help make publishing effortless, and gives content owners the power to create flexible mobile campaigns, customize their content delivery and send broadcast messages.

Their service is built on LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) architecture and they also offer a Developer Toolkit which allows for dynamic publishing, integration of external applications to mobilize any business, and exporting analytics.

The company is privately owned, founded by some former E*Trade guys – the CEO, Matthew Sechrest, also helped found E* Trade’s venture arm, ArrowPath Venture Capital. Their VP of Engineering is Madhavan Rangarao, formerly of Enigmatic, BEA, and TIBCO. Current clients include the SF Film Society, Youth Noise, and E*Trade among others.

So, just for fun (or if you're bored), you can send a message to MY paulsblog keyword from your phone and you'll get a response back. I'll try to keep it updated so you guys can play with it.

Here's what you do, you break out your shiney mobile phone, and send a text message to MSGME (that's 67463), with the message text: paulsblog That'll get you a response. If you send a message with this text: paulsblog latest That'll get you one of my latest news articles. Eventually, I'll have it send you a whole bunch of RSS stuff, but for right now, I'll manually update it. I'm also currently working on a poll for you to answer though this method. This may add quite a good bit of new interactivity to Pauls Blog! Comments are certainly welcome!

[Via: ANW Networks for Waterfall Mobile - Thanks Lish!]