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HD Junkie

It's only taken about 48 hours worth of HD TV for me to become a junkie. I have to admit, years ago being able to watch TV in stereo was cool. Being able to watch TV in Dolby Digital 5.1 surround, with a digital widescreen picture and superior sharpness totally rocks!

I couldn't really grasp the super-enjoyment that so many (like my friend Kevin, of HDBEAT and Engadget) talked about so much. But, wow! You try it for a little while and you're all disappointed when you don't have the quality and sound of the HD broadcast. As Kevin and Barb call it, you become an HD-Snob.

Well, guys, I guess my nose is in the air, too. I seriously love my new Dish VIP211.

Nothing like the new MPEG-4 functionality and the awesome new interface screens. I am particularlly thrilled with the look of the PIP on the screen, as well.

Here's to HDTV!!