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ePrompter Makes Email Easy To Review

The other day, I was interested in finding a cool little piece of FREE software that would let me check a whole bunch of email accounts that I have. I hate having so many, but sometimes you need them so that you can separate each of the functions you do in your life. I'm sure you folks know what I mean...

What I found, through a quick Google search (is there any other?), is ePrompter. This little gem not only lets you check your POP3 accounts, but it also gives you access to checking Hotmail, GMail, Yahoo Mail, Altavista mail (does that still exist?), and all kinds of other stuff.

You don't just get the quick check that says "you have 1 email in your account." You get to review either the headers, or the entire email in your box. You can even do quick deletes of the entire group of what's in your mailbox. ...and one other feature that made me really happy: You can REPLY to email and even keep an address book.

A nifty Wizard gets you setup really quick, after the quick install, and a nice little tray icon that can alternate between each of the color-coded email accounts will show up to show you how many messages you have without getting in your face.

All in all, a great little utility that I don't think I'll live without going forward... and I should make a donation to the guy!

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