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May 21, 2005 (Only #Games)

Bill's Gone to the Dark Side via XBOX 360 Demos

It looks like the folks showing off the XBOX 360 are doing so using a piece of technology that Uncle Bill doesn't really want around. As much as he'll tell you that he supports the platform, I'm sure he burns up while this goes on.

It looks like the folks that are doing demos of the XBOX 360 are showing it off on Mac G5 hardware! According to a Microsoft Spokesperson:

"We purchased a number of Apple G5's because very specific hardware components of the G5 allow developers to emulate some of the technology behind future Xbox products and services," a Microsoft spokesperson said in a statement. "This is an interim development tool that will be replaced with a more powerful and comprehensive solution later."

I guess, with the billions of dollars that Microsoft has, they can actually afford to go out and buy some G5's, huh? I wonder if they bought those 30" monitors, too! *drool!*

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Mar 6, 2005 (Only #Games)

Gigantor Lives!

I couldn't resist reporting this: Vstone Co, Japan, on March 4th, 2005 announced a two-legged robot which has been modeled after the comic-book robot hero, Gigantor, which was introduced in 1956.

The remote-control robot, which is 15 inches high and weighs 5.5 pounds. It's arms and legs move smoothly and it walks like a human being, Vstone said. The price? $3360.00 US dollars (about 380,000 Yen).

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Feb 3, 2005 (Only #Games)

Official US PSP Launch and Pricing

Today, Sony announced its official launch date for the long-awaited, and highly anticipated, Sony PSP in the US. They also released initial pricing.

The Sony PSP is scheduled to hit the streets in the US on March 24th and will sell for $249.99. Sony's product code number is "1001K" for the US version of the Sony PSP (for those who MUST know every detail).

So, if you REALLY want one of these, I suggest you find a game store and PRE-ORDER one, 'cause if it's anything like the Nintendo DS, these are going to go fast!

The Sony PSP Value Pack, which will be an optional purchase package, will include a UMD with the feature film Spider Man 2 (for the first million value packs sold - can you say: "We're expecting to sell a lot of these?). Other accessories include a 32 MB Memory Stick Duo, headphones with remote control, battery pack, AC adaptor, soft case, a cleaning cloth, and a movie, music, game, video sampler UMD disc.

There will be 24 PSP games available for the US launch, including the following titles:

* Ape Escape(R): On the Loose, Sony Computer Entertainment America
* ATV Offroad Fury(R): Blazin' Trails, Sony Computer Entertainment America
* Darkstalkers Chronicle(TM): The Chaos Tower, Capcom
* Dynasty Warriors(R), KOEI
* FIFA 2005, Electronic Arts
* Gretzky(TM) NHL(R), Sony Computer Entertainment America
* Lumines(TM), Ubisoft
* Metal Gear Acid(TM), Konami
* MLB(TM), Sony Computer Entertainment America
* MVP Baseball, Electronic Arts
* NBA, Sony Computer Entertainment America
* NBA Street Showdown, Electronic Arts
* Need for Speed(TM) Rivals, Electronic Arts
* NFL Street 2 Unleashed, Electronic Arts
* Rengoku(TM): Tower of Purgatory, Konami
* Ridge Racer(TM), Namco (PSM says this is 'Da Bomb!')
* Smartbomb, Eidos Interactive
* Spider-Man 2(TM), Activision
* Tiger Woods PGA TOUR(R), Electronic Arts
* Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Remix, Activision
* Twisted Metal: Head On(TM), Sony Computer Entertainment America
* Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade, Sony Online Entertainment
* Wipeout(R) Pure, Sony Computer Entertainment America
* World Tour Soccer, Sony Computer Entertainment America

If you, for some reason, cannot wait another 7 weeks AudioCubes sells the Japanese release of the Sony PSP for $269.00. ... but I'd want mine in English and for $20 less! ;)

For more details on the press release, check out the information on Yahoo: Sony Game Press-Release.

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