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Nov 9, 2006 (Only #Business)

BBC Reports: Copying Own CDs should be legal

In a report by the BBC (way back around the first of November - I haven't gotten out site reviewing much), there is news about how "a think-tank has called for outdated copyright laws to be rewritten to take account of new ways people listen to music, watch films and read books."

The article (BBC Report) discusses how the digital age may now have us re-thinking the way we regard copyright laws. It's true that things have definitely changed since the early days of copyright when "all rights reserved" had made perfect sense. In those early days, you had more print material than anything, and digitally retrieving anything was not even quite a dream as of yet.

It's good to see there are "thinkers" out there whom actually agree with the technologically advanced folks, as well as the teenagers (Sometimes, one in the same).

[Via: My Buddies At MobileRead]

Nov 4, 2006 (Only #Business)

Wal-Mart's Smiley May Frown

The days of the Wal-Mart Roll-back smiley may be numbered. It seems that the branding efforts of Wal-Mart, using the Smiley Face, may have gone over like a lead balloon with their new ad agency.

Mr. Smiley has already been torn from the uniforms of employee vests and It's kind of interesting that Wal-Mart is planning to drop Smiley, based on it's advertising agency. Wasn't Wal-Mart in a big shake-up with a French company over the rights to use the smiley? I think they should use Mickey Mouse, instead. ;)

Nov 1, 2006 (Only #Business)

Blockbuster: Now With More Choices

Today, Blockbuster Inc. announced that it is giving online renters unprecedented access to movies through the introduction of BLOCKBUSTER Total Access.™ This is Blockbuster's movie rental program that gives its active online customers the option of returning their DVDs through the mail OR exchanging them at one of their more than 5,000 participating BLOCKBUSTER® stores for free in-store movie rentals.

This new program, which only available from Blockbuster and not it competitors , means Total Access subscribers don't need to wait to get DVDs through the mail. So, if you've burned your way through the first disc of "Lost: Season Two" and want to get to the next disc before you forget everything (like me!), you can run out to your local participating Blockbuster and grab the next Disc in line! You may, in fact, double the number of movies you can access each month. Especially since their recent upgrade to the online site has gone through some very rough starts, but seems to be stablized. ... Though, it's a little slow... then again, I shouldn't talk.

[Via: eHomeUpgrade]

Oct 31, 2006 (Only #Business)

Jot Got Googled!

If you were planning on creating a Jot account today, don't bother! It appears our buds over at Google have been in M & A mode and have picked up the service for themselves!

It appears that there must be a lot of great ideas embedded in the throws of Jot and YouTube. So why not scoop them up quick, before it's too late, right?

You can check out the FAQ on the site to get a better idea of what's going on, if you're interested.

By the way, I've been trying to blog this article for the past three hours and have had terrible performance issues with my host. If this doesn't get resolved soon, Paul's Blog is moving!